Billion Dollar Baby - RECARO Child Seats in Tiffany Blue

They say it is not just WHAT you give, but HOW you give…

The Envy Group London specializes in luxury and has recently been asked to present a very special birthday gift as extravagant as possible.

The surprise gift of a Russian billionaire for his wife: a Bentley Continental GTC in Tiffany Blue. Unique. And even the youngest get their share of luxury. On board are the custom made RECARO child seats Monza Nova IS and Monza Nova 2 in the matching Tiffany color. Premium and premium simply belong together.

But how do you make such a gift even more pompous? Exactly - by choosing the proper wrapping. So the Envy team designed an oversized Tiffany gift box. With a bow, a fog machine, lighting and remote control in order to make a lasting impression. We say "Happy Birthday" and are quite impressed by this the idea!

Here you can see the final presentation ...

... and the nerve wracking construction of the box.

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